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Michael Rappa Rocklin, CA


Michael Rappa is a nationally recognized college funding expert and a Certified College Funding Specialist (CCPS) based out of Rocklin, California. As the acting President and owner of Ivy League College Planning Strategies since 2015, Michael has assisted hundreds of families in a legal approach towards hacking the financial realm of college planning and saving thousands of dollars. Other than a home purchase, college is usually the greatest expense a family will experience. In today’s financial environment, higher education costs can easily exceed $250k for just one child. Given that most American families have more than one child that would like to attend college, this looming financial burden can uproot all the effort put towards maintaining strong finances.

One look at these statistics is evidence enough for the need for a business like Michael Rappa’s. Through his strategic decisions and proven methods, Michael’s company helps provide a clear answer to the following question: How can families afford to send their children to college while simultaneously saving adequate funds for retirement? With Michael’s approach, families do not have to choose one over the other. Instead, Ivy League College Planning Strategies provides parents with streamlined resources, turning them into informed buyers of a college education. Michael’s overall mission is to save families thousands of dollars, enabling them to send their children to their dream college and improve their retirement savings outlook. This all weighs heavily on the parents’ ability to recognize and apply relevant college planning and funding practices to their circumstances.

Michael Rappa is a highly sought-after public speaker and media personality who has built a relevant presence sharing his insider secrets on saving for college. He has appeared on ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC with his Piggy Bank Busting Mistakes every parent must avoid. In recognition of his contributions, he received the Innovative College Planner award presented to him at The Business Experts Forum at Harvard Business School, where he has appeared as a speaker on various occasions.

Leaning on his personal experience of paying for and attending college, Michael comes equipped with a sharp comprehension of financial techniques that can benefit families. If anyone can vouch for the importance of attending college, it is Michael Rappa, who began his career studying Business Administration at Wayne State University, graduating in 1985. Since then, he has evolved into a perceptive business owner and has received a large number of professional certifications in matters such as retirement planning, financial consulting and college counseling.

Though his business is built on the foundation of legally reducing college tuition, Michael also uses his platform to help college students find academic success, choose relevant courses and career pathways, transition to and from educational institutions and recognize their personal traits and talents that can be exemplified in the workplace. He is a firm believer that families of all demographics and financial backgrounds can benefit from his guidance and forge a hopeful future.

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